Presidential personnel reserve

The presidential personnel reserve is formed with the aim of creating a transparent and effective social upward mobility for young people, which will become the locomotive of upcoming reforms.

Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan aged not older than 35 years, who have  higher education and at least  5 years of work experience  can participate in the selection.

At the same time, political civil servants appointed by the President do not participate in the selection.

Admission to the Presidential Reserve is carried out for a period of 3 years. During this period, a person may be appointed to a political or top managerial administrative position, the highest managerial position in a national holding or a company, if there is a relevant vacant post.


The positions for which appointments are made from the Presidential Reserve are grouped according to the areas of activity: industrial group of posts:

(ministers and their deputies,

first deputy and deputy akims of regions, cities of national significance, the capitals,

chairmen of committees of central executive bodies,

chairmen and members of boards of national managing holdings,

national holdings, national companies);


The industrial group of posts includes the following areas of activity:

economic policy and state planning;

social policy;

development of infrastructure and industry;

foreign policy; legal policy and security;


regional group of posts:

(akims of regions, cities of national significance, the capitals;
Akims of cities of regional significance, districts of regions and districts in cities);

administrative group of posts:

(executive secretaries of central executive bodies;

heads of staff of central government bodies;

heads of staff of central executive bodies in which the position of executive secretary has not been introduced; heads of staff of akims of regions, cities of national significance, the capitals).

The choice of a group of posts subsequently determines the topic of the candidate’s project, and is also taken into account when appointing to the post in case of admission to the Presidential Reserve.


Candidates for the Presidential Reserve have to go through a series of stages.

Firstly. To submit documents for participation. The filing of documents is automated. The reliability of the information and documents submitted is checked at any of the selection stages.

Secondly. To take testing to assess the theoretical knowledge of candidates. Testing is automated and conducted online. Test tasks are aimed at determining the theoretical preparation of candidates, the level of analytical and critical thinking. The number of candidates with the best results admitted to the next stage of selection is determined by the National Commission for personnel reserve.

Thirdly. To write an essay on a given topic.   The procedure for writing an essay is automated and conducted online. When writing an essay, literacy, consistency and reasoning, the validity of conclusions, and proposals of candidates are evaluated. The writing time and volume of the essay are limited.

Fourth. To present the project to the Sectoral Commission. The theme of the project should correspond to the group of positions selected by the candidate when submitting documents for participation in the selection. The stage takes place in the format of a video presentation of projects. The project should contain a problem relevant to the field, suggestions for its solution, substantiation of approaches.

Fifth.  To undergo an assessment of values, motivation and competencies. This stage is aimed at identifying candidates' personal values, the level of motivation for working in the public service, as well as the  managerial competencies. The assessment is carried out by experts.

Sixth. To have an interview at the Expert Commission. The commission is formed under the chairmanship of the Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration with the participation of heads of relevant departments of the Presidential Administration. Based on the results of the meeting of the Expert Commission, a list of the most prepared candidates recommended for consideration at a meeting of the National Commission for Personnel Reserve is formed.

Seventh.  To have an interview at the National Human Resource Commission. The National Commission is headed by the Head of the Presidential Administration. As a result of the meeting of the commission, a decision is made on the admission of candidates to the Presidential Reserve. Prior to the appointment of reservists to the post, their training is provided.

As part of the training, reservists will undergo internships in state bodies and organizations, including with the aim of building up the competencies necessary for working with the public, public speaking, and the ability to work in conditions of uncertainty.


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